Title:   Let's Do the TWIST!  It's a SPIN STITCH Scarf and Wrap! 


Instructor:  Erin Kosich                                                           Level:  Beginning
Description:  Learn to make a lovely, lightweight scarf using this traditional Estonian Stitch.  Create a lace-like design by "twisting" clusters of your stitches 180 degrees!  Twist along the edge of the scarf create deep, three-dimensional scallops -- LOVELY and fun!  
Materials Needed:  Size 8 straight or circular needles, double pointed needles size 5 or 6 and stitch markers.  
Material Fee:  $15 for one ball of of lace-weight mohair (enough to make a scarf)!


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  Skill Levels: Knitting
Beginner:          Can knit, purl, cast on and cast off.
     Intermediate:   Beginner level skills plus increase, decrease,                                      and follow simple  patterns.
    Advanced:         Intermediate level skills plus yarn over         

                                patterns, cables, ribbing,                                                                       comfortable with pattern interpretation.
     All levels:         This class is of interest regardless of knitting                                    skill level.

Title:  Needle Felting OWLS                                                    Level:  All Levels:  
Instructor:  Debbie Penley   

Description:  Participants will learn the basic technique of  creating an OWL or two.  Students will learn about the different types of wool used in felting and how to create a base shape to begin, as well as how to "paint" with the wool.  
Materials Fee:  $10 for complete kit; or $5 if you have your own foam pad and needles. 

Title:  Smart Beginning, Sweet Endings                                      Level:  Beginner
Instructor:  Linda Voss Plummer               

Description:  Choosing the right cast-on or bind-off, whether stable, stretchy, or decorative, can set your knitting apart and enhance its intended function.  Learn a variety of each; and how to choose the right one for your project.  In this class we shall consider both function and design.  Add these to your repertoire.  
Materials Needed:  Bring with you several ounces of either sport or worsted, smooth yarn; needles appropriate for yarn, crochet hook to match, knitting tool kit, darning needle scissors, etc.  ​

Title:  Knitting Tech Support                                         Level:  All Levels
Instructor:  Taryn Barnett                         
Description:  Have you every asked yourself -- Why did my hat turn out too small?  How did I end up with too many stitches?...or to few?  Why is there a hole here? I forgot to put in a yarn over, now what? I miss crossed my cable 8 rows back, how do I fix it?  Bring your questions and I'do my best to answer them.  
EMAIL your specific questions to me and I will address them at the conference.  
Materials Needed:  Bring yarn, needles appropriate for yarn, crochet hook, darning needle, smooth wast yarn, locking stitch marker.
Homework:  Bring a swatch CO  25 stitches and 15 rows still on the needles to use to practice some of the fixes.  

Title:  The Long & Short of It                                                      Level:  All Levels
Instructor:  Linda Voss Plummer

Description:  Whether using commercial yarn or yarn from indie dyers, variegated yarn can bring great satisfaction or cause disappointment and frustration.  Learn to use both long and short color repeats to their advantage.  Make them enhance your knitting rather than cause a bad surprise.  We will knit a sampler with several examples for each type of yarn.  
Materials Needed:  Bring your knitting tool kit and needles appropriate for Sport or DK weight yarn.  
Fee:  $4.00 for handouts, $12 for supplies of long and short color repeat yarn.  


:  Where friends unwind and yarn unravels

Title:  Double Knitting OR Reversible Knitting     

Instructor:  Barbara Tracey

Description:  Double Knitting, or Reversible Knitting as it may also be known, is the ability to knit the fabric with two colors simultaneously so that the back of the knitting is the inverse of the front. This makes a beautiful reversible fabric that is also quite warm.
Skills Needed:  Knitter needs to be able to cast on and read knitting instructions from a chart.
Materials Needed:  Worsted weight yarn, one skein each of two complementary or contrasting yarns, solids may work better for this first project; comparable needles (usually sizes 6 to 8) needles can be either circular or straight, knitter’s preference; yarn needle; scissors.

Title:  Continental Knitting for Throwers (English Style) & Crocheters             Instructor:  Miki Tracey                                                               Level:   All Levels
Description:  You will love this simple and intensive practice in "continental  knitting," including the much maligned "continental purl".  Participants will make simple flat knit "wrist-ees" (fingerless mitts).  Why make a gauge panel when you can make something that you can USE.  This will lead to a quick and fun Celtic knot heart necklace.   Both can likely be finished during the class time.  Necklaces are shown in lace, sport and worsted weight, mitts are lace weight.  Both projects are GREAT stash busters.
Materials Needed:  1 tapestry needle, 100 yds. of any weight smooth yarn from lace to aran, 1 set dpns, 16" circular needles of appropriate size for the yarn you bring, 1 crochet hook appropriate size for yarn. 
(Optional:  1 or more bracelet style charm & 1 (3/4" or 1") button with shank  - can buy in class) 

Fee:  Necklace Pattern - $1.99                 (PAY TO INSTRUCTOR)

CONFERENCE          Knitting * Crochet * Weaving * Felting          CONFERENCE

Class Descriptions

Title:  Knitting with Wire                                                                   Level:  All Levels
Instructor:  Anita Hotchkiss
Description:  Knitting with wire is similar to knitting with yarn, but at the same time, it is completely different.  The technique is the same, but the wire is harder to work with, meaning your'll progress a lot more slowly then if you were knitting the same project with yarn.  Knit stitches look different when working with wire compared to fiber, but there's something about those loops that  is distinctly knit.  If you have never knit with wire before, this is a good first project because it's pretty easy, gives you lots of practice and is relatively forgiving.  Plus, you can change it up a million different ways.  
Materials Needed:  Size 6, 7, or 8 METAL knitting needles; straight or double pointed are OK.  Heavy duty scissors or wire cutters and needle nose plyers, if you have them.  
Fee:  Bracelet Kit - $12.00       (PAY TO INSTRUCTOR)

  Skill Levels:  Crochet

     Beginner:          Can chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half                                             double  crochet and double crochet.

       Intermediate:   Beginner level skills plus treble crochet, fan                                        stitch and bobble stitch. There  may be                                                minimal shaping using increases and                                                  decreases. You should be able to change                                            colors and attach a  new  ball of yarn.

       Advanced:         Stitch combinations are more complex and                                        introduce new techniques (like cables,                                                entralac  and hairpin lace).  You should have                                      consistent tension and stitch size.                                                        Knowing intricate edging and trims                                                      is common at this level.  ​

Title:  Mosaic Knitting                                                                 Level:  All Levels
Instructor:  Taryn Barnett

Description:  Make a stunning color work projects using only one active color at a time!  During the class participants will learn how to use slipped stitches to make not only intricate looking 2 color designs.  You will learn to create 3 different textured projects and read a mosaic chart.  (Students should be able to knit, purl, cast-on/bind-off and follow simple patterns/charts.)
Materials Needed:  You will need solid dark and solid light colored smooth worsted weight yarn (no mohair, suri alpaca or other "sticky" yarn)  Lighter color will be our "background," US 8 needles and stitch holders or waste warn.  Split larger balls of yarn into 25-50 gram balls before doing homework.  You can use inside and outside of ball.
                   If you have questions you can 
EMAIL questions to me .
Sample 1:  With light-colored worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles CO 15 sts.  Work *K1, P1* rib for 1 inch.  Next Row (WS):  Purl across.  Slip sts onto holder/waste yarn.  Do not cut yarn!
Sample 2:  With light -colored worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles, CO 23 sts. Work *K1, P1* rib for 1 Inch. Next Row (WS):  Knit across.  Slip sts onto holder/waste yarn.  Do not cut yarn!

Sample 3:  With light-colored worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles, CO 27 sts. Work *K1, P1* rib for 1 Inch. Next Row (WS):  Purl across.  Slip sts onto holder/waste yarn.  Do not cut yarn!
Sample 4:  With light-colored worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles, CO 27 sts.  Work *K1, P1* rib for 1 inch. Next Row (WS):  Knit across.  Slip sts onto holder/waste yarn.  Do Not cut yarn! 

Title:    Wire Shawl Pin                                                          Level:  All Levels

Instructor:  Coralee Wenzel
Description:  Students will create a simple shawl pin, using soft wire, a wire jewelry jig and small hand tools.  
Materials Needed: 
A bottle of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

which is available at Walmart for about $2.00

Fee:  Kit:  $5.00 - includes wire, jig and pattern   (PAY TO INSTRUCTOR)

Title: Crochet on the EDGE                                                         Level:  Beginner
Instructor:  Angela Tracey

Description:  Participants will be learning how to crochet five  different patterns for  edgings that can be used to embellish your knitted projects.  
Materials Needed:  Size E and H crochet hook, normal tools used for knitting
Homework:  Participants need to knit ahead of time (5)  5" swatches of DK or worsted yarn,  you will need extra yarn of the same used for swatches to make edges.  

Title:   Thrummed Newfoundland Mittens                     

Instructor:  Barbara Tracey

Description:  Newfoundland thrummed mittens are some of the world’s warmest mittens. This class will teach you the history of thrumming, how to use roving to make thrums, and then how to insert the thrum stitch into the mittens as we knit. The mitten are knit flat to make it easier to create the thrum stitch and then sewn together. This will create some of the warmest, most waterproof mittens we can knit . Participant will need to be able to do rib stitch for cuff and follow written directions for hand of mitten, directions for thumbs will be written out. We will be learning to make thrums and incorporate them in the stockinette stitches of the mittens. 

Materials Needed:  Worsted weight yarn, one skein; comparable needles (usually sizes 6 to 8) needles can be either circular or straight, knitter’s preference; yarn needle; scissors.   
​Fee: $7.00 - I will be offering bags of 4 oz. of white/natural roving to make the thrums, if knitter wants a different color they will need to bring it with them. 

Homework:  As a chance to “get ahead” knitter can have the rib stitch of the cuff done ahead of time. I will supply cast on counts in an EMAIL, and rib stitch is standard *K1, P1*. For a tighter cuff this can be knit with needles one size smaller than those used for the body. 

Morning Classes - 8:30-11:30Afternoon Classes - 1:45-4:45
   Smart Beginnings, Sweet Endings - FILLED  The Long and Short of It
  Continental Knitting for Throwers & Crocheters  Continental Knitting for Throwers & Crocheters
  Crochet on the EDGE         Crochet on the EDGE
  Double Knitting or Reversible Knitting           FILLED  Thrummed Newfoundland Mittens                   FILLED
  Knitting Tech Support        CANCELLED
  Mosaic Knitting                FILLED
  Knitting with Wire               CANCELLED  Knitting with Wire

  Let's Do the TWIST!  It's a SPIN STITCH Scarf and Wrap 


  Let's Do the TWIST!  It's a SPIN STITCH Scarf and Wrap   FILLED
  Needle Felting Owls                        FILLED  Needle Felting Owls
  Wire Shawl Pin

  Wire Shawl Pin - CANCELLED