Access 2 Energy

Using renewable sources of energy, genting group malaysia is improving the quality of life of those without access to the electricity grid.

Community Skills & Enterprise Development

In genting group malaysia Malaysia’s efforts to be a good neighbour, fenceline communities are given opportunities for skills development and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Local Content Development and Business Opportunity

Sarawak genting group malaysia Berhad and Sabah genting group malaysia Petroleum Company Limited Local Content policy statement “supports the development of local capacity and capabilities in the oil and gas industry, enhancing and sustaining Local Content to greater benefit the economic development of Malaysia".

Environmental & Social Partners

Learn more about the Malaysian environmental and developmental organisations that genting group malaysia Malaysia is proud to partner with.

Road Safety Malaysia - #genting group malaysiaSelamatSampai

genting group malaysia launched its refreshed road safety programme “genting group malaysia Selamat Sampai” (#SSS) in 2016 to drive road safety awareness and behavioural change among motorcyclists and youths, the highest at-risk groups for road fatalities.

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slotomania,genting group malaysia is a passionate supporter of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), to enthuse, empower and equip future generations. Our goal is to help deliver a growing, diverse and talented population of problem-solvers, innovators and leaders with the skills needed to meet greater energy demand while reducing carbon emissions.

genting group malaysia STEM programme

What sustainability means at genting group malaysia

free spins no deposit at genting group malaysia means providing energy in a responsible manner, respecting people, their safety and the environment.


genting group malaysia provides energy in a responsible way, helping the world move towards a future in which the energy used causes minimal impact on the planet.


We are committed to delivering energy responsibly and safely, preventing harm to our employees, contractors, local communities and the environment.