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Angie Tracey

All my life I have loved handicrafts, almost anything that can be made by hand.  In middle school I actually was given an award for the most ever stuffed animals made in sewing class! Over the years I have taken classes in metal work, woodworking, jewelry making and spinning.   Recently I have focused on crochet and hand-spinning using a drop spindle or Navaho spindle.  I started crocheting with Tunisian crochet, but I also love filet crochet and pretty much anything that can be made with a hook.  My great grandmother and my grandmother also loved fiber arts, and even though my mom had to be a rebel and take up knitting and wheel spinning  she also has a passion for fiber arts. 

Debbie Penley
I am a mom of four who has enjoyed making things with my hands for as long as I can remember. I have been creating sculptures in clay since 2006, so when I became interested in the fiber arts, it seemed only natural that I begin making sculptures out of wool. I especially enjoy making little animals, and watching as their personality emerges. I started selling my work at art shows this summer, and one of my pieces was runner up in a competition and was featured at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute later this year. I hope you will join me in this creative journey and enjoy the process of making your own project “come alive!”

Traci Verdin

Knitting to me is more than just a craft; often times it is a meditation. Fiber, needles and my hands create a balm that soothes my soul while forming a fabric full of color and texture. The simple joy of taking a ball of yarn and turning it into something new never ceases to amaze me. There is always something new to learn; something fresh to knit. I can express things in my patterns that I cannot fit into words. Brioche can be a symphony of color and texture. Lace can dance into beautiful formations that add air and lightness to a fabric. One of my core goals is to empower people through teaching or through my patterns. My students teach me so much and help me to see things from views that I would never have thought of. They are all blessings to me. Knitting has brought to me an awesome circle of friends. We are bound by the stitches we create and the stories we share. Knitting isn’t just a craft for me; it is a way of life.
Ravelry Username Ruinwen

Lois Crozier

Lois was born and raised in New Jersey with four older sisters. Sewing and needle crafts were learned at a young age in her home. Family camping trips around the states and frequent outings to the beach enjoying the outdoors, forming lasting memories were the foundation for a life of appreciation of nature.  Her love of science and the outdoors led to a teaching certificate in Secondary Education with a focus on Biology from Clarion University. Since then she has been teaching science at Johnsonburg Area High School.  In her off time she runs Little Bear Creek Alpaca farm and processes raw fleece to spin, weave and felt unique works of art. She and her husband raise alpacas on the Little Bear Creek Alpaca Farm which is a small family farm located in Elk County, PA. Providing hand made yarns and alpaca products in a sustainable manner.  

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Linda Voss Plummer of Artsyknits
 Linda can’t remember when she didn’t knit.  She has taught locally and regionally, including the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival and at Chautauqua Institution, Kinzua Knit-Away, Finger Lakes Fiber Festival and has been fortunate to study with nationally and internationally recognized knitters.  She hosts Does a Bear Knit in the Woods? retreats twice a year. Linda loves to lead students to the joy of knitting and then watch them become independent knitters, helping them create their own designs and make decisions about how they want to adapt patterns Her special passions are cables, lace and two color knitting such as Fair Isle and Scandinavian patterns.  She also spins, weaves and quilts but if, perish the thought, she had to decide on one activity, it would be knitting.  Her patterns can be found in various publications, on Ravelry, and on her website.
Partial list of publications:  Knit Simple, Interweave Magazine, Noro Magazine, 60 Quick Cotton Knits, 60 Quick Knit Cowls, 60 Quick Baby Knits, 60 More Quick Baby Knits, Crochet Noro, Knit Noro123, Skeins
I also design for Cascade, Zealana, Tilli Tomas, Cascade Cowls!

One of the joys of teaching has been to participate in the warmth of knitting with others and experience its healing and supportive powers.
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Cathy Briscoe

Growing up, much to my parents’ dismay, I was one of those children who took everything apart to see how it works. That fascination for taking things apart has never left me; I now apply that curiosity to knitting.  I am always looking for better more efficient ways to work stitches. I once spent several hours playing with options for working a selvage edge.  I have also spent days experimenting with paired increases and decreases with some unbelievably interesting results.  My family has grown tired of any knitting talk so I teach classes in order to share what I discover with fellow knitters.
After earning a Bachelors Degree in Art Education, I began supporting my fiber obsession by teaching knitting and crochet at yarn shops, retreats and workshops, such as Knitter’s Day Out and Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival.  In addition I am a designer of both knit and crochet patterns. Through my fascination for living history I also research and knit period correct garments for living history interpreters.  

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Taryn Barnett

Taryn was introduced to spinning in 2003 and was instantly addicted.  Soon after, she picked up knitting needles and never looked back.  Her work with fiber arts has become a deep passion.  She now owns the Yarn Vault@the Bank in Meadville, PA and teaches people to knit, crochet, spin and felt.  

Barb Tracey

Barb is the I.T. Manager of the Public Libraries of Warren County and Seneca District Libraries.  Her office is based in Warren which makes it convenient for her to participate in many local knitting activities.  She  learned to knit as a child from her grandmother who was  blue ribbon champion with the crochet hook and also lefsa. Ever since then she has been an avid knitter.  She enjoys using her knowledge of the computer and Internet in enhancing her knitting life.